Wednesday, December 3, 2008

favorite things

Here are some good ideas to try in your garden:

This is a great rainbarrel custom made by the folks at Let it Grow Nursery and Hydroponics in Williamsburg. They take used but solidly built wine barrels from the Williamsburg Winery and retrofit them to connect to your rain gutters.

Sarracenia in pots—beautiful and easy. The flowers are amazing and the pitchers are very unusual. The pots keep them nice and moist.


Cosmo said...

Those pitcher plants are gorgeous. Do they just grab dinner as it flies by, or do you actually have to, umm, supply it? They look so well-fed . .

Rain barrels are on my to-do list, but you know how my to-do lists run.

walk2write said...

The pitcher plants are amazing. They are disappearing from the hammocks (wetlands) in NW FL due to encroaching development. What a shame, because they provide a great alternative to slathering on the DEET. Your rain barrel is very attractive, not at all like those ugly plastic things you find in gardening catalogs. I'm glad I visited Cosmo and found your site. Welcome to blogging!

Phillip Merritt said...

Thanks for the encouragement W2W!