Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November week 4

I was out of town for Thanksgiving, so I didn't get a lot of photos this week. Here's a few:

Along College Creek seaside goldenrod has gone to seed.
Around town:
camellia (probably Yuletide),
and photinia in fruit.
I did a bit of cleanup and the Williamsburg Library garden and found
Maryland golden aster still blooming,
as well as narrowleaf silkgrass. These have proved to be a bit floppy so I think I'll have to move them.
You can see the rest of my week 4 photos from this year and past years here.


Janet said...

You can't go wrong with a picture of Yuletide (I think that is what it is also). Would you believe my Lantana is still blooming?

How It Grows said...

I wonder when we'll get our first frost? That may put an end to your lantana.

Janet said...

i think there is a chance for our first frost this coming weekend. Amazing that it hasn't happened yet!

Jennifer G. Horn said...

I always thought it's unfair that 'gone to seed' is considered pejorative - I love the way wildflowers look this time of year.

Les said...

I would also say that is Yuletide which I found to be blooming earlier this year than others. I noticed too that C. japonicas around town are heavily and fatly budded, so I hope we do get a freeze soon to slow them down a bit.