Saturday, October 3, 2009

September week 4

Could the weather have been more beautiful? Probably not. Not too hot, not too cold. I'm glad it still feels like late summer - there are plenty of green leaves left on the trees. Here are a few things I came across

First, a couple private gardens. In Governor's Land:
possumhaw viburnum berries looked gorgeous,
gardenias were going strong,
and fresh blue blooms of chastetree were still popping up behind the dried flower heads.
There was even an reblooming rhododendron (don't know the variety).
Over near Greensprings Road, asters were in full bloom,
And in my garden, white anemones were brightening up a shady corner.
In a public garden (the Adams garden):
sweet autumn clematis had gone to seed,
but passionflowers are still looking good,
And spider lilies were at their peak.
Now some random shots:
purple muhly grass was making a nice show in a highway planting bed,
and just about everywhere, liriope was sending up spikes of purple flowers.
If you were walking around your neighborhood, you may have noticed the the yellow flowers and distinctive fruit of our native creeping cucumber vine growing up along a fence.
And in the swale right below you might have noticed the tiny yellow flowers of wild sensitive plant. Its larger cousin Partridge Pea is much showier.
Some of the plants growing along woodland edges:
large swathes of climbing hempvine,
white snakeroot scattered here and there,
and one of my favorite natives, the VERY prickly devil's walkingstick. I love its huge masses of dark purple fruits.
Thanks for stopping by! You can see more of my September week 4 photos here and here.


Janet said...
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Janet said...

Interesting that the Aralia is a favorite! You always have a nice collection of blooms--many of which I don't know. A little education. thanks. Please tell me you have the passion flower in a container.

The Plant Man said...

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pudica. To easily grow it indoors year round. See the video it is amazing!

how it grows said...

Janet, the passionflower was growing on a fence, but it wasn't my yard so I don't have to worry if it spreads.

how it grows said...

Plant Man, the wild sensitive plant was actually Chamaechrista nicitans.