Sunday, July 25, 2010

July week 1

I'm running behind again...too much to do! Here's what was to be seen at the beginning of July...

In CW:
cardinal flower,
and sunflower,
On the W&M campus a sophora tree was shedding its blooms.
At a friend's house:
agastache (a bit past its peak),
and blueberries.
Also seen around town:
dwarf sabal palm,
deadly water hemlock
and its cousin Queen Anne's Lace,
rose mallow,and cattails.
It's also the season for lotuses.
The rest of my photos from this week are here.


Phillip said...

I remember seeing lots of cattails when I was a kid but I rarely see them now. That is a nice variety of plants.

compost in my shoe said...

July, although one of the hottest in memory has been one of the prettiest. Your photos are a sure sign of that!

Les said...

I really like that blueberry photo and the lotus as well. What do you think of using palms in traditional landscapes?

How It Grows said...

Les, I have dwarf sabal palms and a needle palm in my yard, both of which are southeast natives. I think they add a nice twist to Virginia gardens. They're soooo slow growing though.

C.I.M.S., you wouldn't say that if you saw my dried up yard.

Phillip, I'm surprised you don't see cattails anymore...

demotutorial said...

Lovely photos. My favorite is the one with the lotus. What camera are you using?

How It Grows said...

Thanks demotutorial, I use a Canon xsi, though the lotus picture was with an older Kodak point and shoot.