Saturday, January 23, 2010

January week 3

I only had time for one walk this past week. Here's what I found in Colonial Williamsburg:

Tinus viburnum getting ready to blom,
pomegranates dried on the tree,
vibrant winterberries in the Governor's Palace garden,
and a very tired looking vegetable garden.
Digging into the vault, here are a couple pictures from this time in 2008 proving that we do in fact get snow in tidewater Virgina. I think the snow nicely accentuates the geometry of the gardens.
You can see the rest of my January week 3 photos here.


Janet said...

I am really getting to be a big fan of winterberries. I am glad we aren't up to our eyeballs in snow (ok, maybe our toes) but the soggy weather is getting old too.

Les said...

I like the dried pomegranate. I'm with Janet on the Winterberry, but unfortunately I don't have room for any. That color is needed now in the bleakest part of the winter.