Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September week 3

This week I went to take a look at a new project at Yorktown Beach and spent a pleasant afternoon walking along the beach, admiring all the plantings. Yorktown has a nice selection of natives mixed with ornamentals. Native plants included:

Sweetbay magnolia seeds ripening,
a few remaing coreopsis blooms,
big patches of switchgrass,
river oats (very invasive - not reccomended for the home garden!),
and goldenrod.
Ornamentals included dried hydrangea blooms,
russian sage,
rugosa rose,
and begonias (where would I be without them?).
If you were out in the countryside this week, you might have stumbled across horsenettle,
crow poison,
perennial saltmarsh aster,
and gerardia.
Back home in the burg, a couple of landscape workhorses were still making a show; abelia
and daylilies.
Next to them, burning bush was just starting its show.
You can see more of my September week 3 pictures here.

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