Saturday, April 24, 2010

April week 3

This was a great week for flower peeping. The weather was great and some of my favorite plants were blooming:

In my yard:
yellow lady's slipper and
pink lady's slipper.At my office, where there's sunlight, I have pitcher plants. I'm not sure what color to call this...burgandy? Maroon? Pomegranate?
I also have these yellow ones.
Another favorite are these azaleas near the Governor's Palace. I think its R. calendulaceum.
Other plants to be seen in C.W. were cucumber magnolia,
coral honeysuckle,
American wisteria about to bloom,
Cherokee rose,
and this yellow herb (anyone recognize it?).
Also blooming around town were a couple of my least favorite plants, both very invasive:
paper mulberry (I have to admit it is an interesting bloom) and
princess tree.
A couple of natives in bloom were robin's plantain and
black locust (love the fragrance!)
At Tuckahoe plantation there was a very nice fringetree and
several kinds of tree peonies.
Finally, I found my first dove tree in Williamsburg, a little sapling growing outside the Adam's Garden near Merchant's Square. Those huge blooms look too big to be blooming on this little guy.
You can see the rest of my week 3 photos here.


Janet said...

Thanks for the ID on the locust tree....I thought it might be Honey Locust but hadn't looked it up yet.
Wonderful collection of blooms. I need to see the Dove Tree. Have only seen it in photos.

Phillip said...

The Lady's slipper is exquisite. I love the tree peonies. I have several small ones but they did not bloom this year. I'm not sure why as they are usually very reliable.

Anonymous said...

what riches in color and fragrance! I don't know the princess tree but will look for it. Is the herb mustard?

Les said...

I really have been enjoying the Black Locust, they usually come as a surprise to me. I never think of them until they bloom, then they are quickly forgotten.

I always get customers coming in look for Pawlonia at this time of year. We sold it once, but I am not sure I will again, even if I could find it to offer.