Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March week 1

This week I motored on down to the Norfolk Botanical Garden to get a head start on the season. I think it's about a week or so ahead of Williamsburg. It was a clear, sunny day, though still on the cool side.

There were a few blooming bulbs, perennials and groundcovers like snowdrops, daffodils,
and heather,
But the majority of the display belonged to trees and shrubs. Shrubs included pieris,
white japonica camellias,
pink japonica camellias,
and mahonia.
Trees included Japanese cornelian cherry dogwood,
white apricots,
pink apricots,
and star magnolia (just starting).
It wasn't just about blooms either. I came across the beautiful bark of lacebark elm,
the bright red fruits of this unidentified holly,
and this comical specimen of wollemi pine. Discovered in 1994, it's one of the rarest plants in the world, hence the protective fence.
The rest of my March week 1 photos are available on flickr.


Les said...

The pine kills me, someone there must have a sense of humor.

Skeeter said...

The fence around the pine is too funny! Daffys, Trees and Shrubs blooming here as well but not as far along as you have for us today….

Lee said...

Home!! I grew up in Tidewater, will be flying back for a visit next week. Thanks for the preview of what I'll be able to see when we take my daughter to the Botanical Garden! Here in New Hampshire, we are just starting to see early snowdrops.

Came across your blog looking for information about native plants in the Tidewater area. Beautiful photos!

How It Grows said...

Thanks for visiting Lee!

Janet said...

I am hoping to get down there in the next week or so. I love seeing the spring blooms there....and that Lacebark Elm is to die for.