Thursday, February 18, 2010

February week 2

When, o when will this winter end? It seems like never! With not much blooming, I'm focusing on the texture of evergreens. Here's a selection of plants from Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. Click on the photos to find out the species.

You can see the rest of my week 2 pictures here.


Janet said...

Great photos, as always. I need to get up to Lewis Ginter again before I leave the state.

Skeeter said...

That’s a lot of green! I have been to Monticello once but during Christmas so missed the summer gardens. I must get back there to see the gardens in their glory!

Have been to Williamsburg a couple of times but again, during Fall and Christmas. I must get there when all is in full bloom. Christmas time is magical though.

Anonymous said...

The horticulture teacher in you is fabulous. I learn so much reading your posts, traveling with you, and taking your quizzes. Keep it up!