Sunday, May 2, 2010

April week 4

I had a mini-adventure wandering around a detention basin at a nearby subdivision. Carefully avoiding the poison ivy, I found several plants in bloom.

The flowers of a yellow pond-lily first caught my eye and led me to do some more investigating.
Around the edges of the pond I also came across black gum and grapevines in bloom, four foot high royal ferns and cinnamon ferns (below),
and swamp doghobble. It was a very intersting place, I may put it on the list of native plant walks next year.
Earlier in the week in Colonial Williamsburg I found (not very showy) honeylocust in bloom,
dame's rocket (pretty but invasive),
American wisteria,
and the gorgeous blooms of yellowwood.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch,
tulip poplar flowers falling on the grass,
and clematis.
Around town,
Indian hawthorn in just about every parking lot,another invasive, Scotch broom,
and lyre-leaf sage.You can see the rest of my April week 4 photos from this year and last year on flickr.


Les said...

Though I know that Indian Hawthorn can take parking lot conditions, it surprises me that it is used in Williamsburg with your notorious deer problem.

How It Grows said...

I think the deer only eat plants if they know it will make someone mad.

Phillip said...

All beautiful. The doghobble is very interesting. I've always wanted a yellowwood since seeing it in Pam Harper's book.

Janet said...

Somehow I missed this post. Seems I have Dame's Rocket in my garden....full of it. That wisteria is one of the best specimen I have seen.