Sunday, April 11, 2010

April week 1

Wow, nothing like a few days in the mid 90's to get spring moving along! It seems like everything in the world was in bloom this past week. I think the first week in April should be a national holiday so everyone gets the chance to enjoy this beautiful time of year.

I think this will be the shortest dogwood season ever. Last week there were a few blooms just beginning to open, and this week they're already turning brown!
It's quite a contrast to this week last year when we had that freak snowstorm:
Other sights around town:
wisteria blooming on the 'ruins' outside the public library,
Kwanzan cherry,
schipka laurel,
a wall of kerria,
and Philadelphia fleabane.
In Colonial Williamsburg,
some great old-fashioned tulips,
Carolina silverbell,
Carolina cherrylaurel,
red buckeye,
and coral honeysuckle.
In my yard:
and at a friend's house, Easter cactus.
The rest of my April week 1 photos are on my flickr page.


Janet said...

Say what you will about Wisteria, it is gorgeous this time of year. Is the one at the library a native?
I have some of the same plant photos to post....whenever I get time to do it...maybe tonight.
I still have some Hibiscus coccinea for you. We need a plan.

Les said...

I actually think people closer to the hinterlands had higher temps than here at the coast, but I am OK with that. Your last photo reminded me of a customer who called this week to ask if we sold Christmas cactus, to which we said yes. Then he wanted to know why it said "holiday cactus" on his receipt, and he was quite irate, as if we were insulting all Christians by calling it what we do. Oh well!

Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel said...

Wisteria and cherries, lovely...
and I especially love the species tulips!
So awfully busy, there are not enough hours in the day.
Spring greetings,
now...aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz

Randy and Jamie said...

What unusual blooms on the Easter cactus. The petals seem smaller than what I'm use to seeing. I starte viewing your Flickr page, 12166 items should keep me busy for a while. LOL-- Randy

How It Grows said...

Janet, maybe we can meet down at the learning garden some weekend.

Janet said...

That sounds like a good idea. Email me at and we can decide on a weekend.

Scout Horticultural Consulting said...

Stunning pics

Daricia said...

very short, barely noticeable dogwood season in nc this year, too - not just quick but very few blooms in the first place. on the other hand, most of the other spring flowering trees and shrubs were better than ever. unusual winter makes unusual spring, i guess.

Janet said...

So...... when were you going to mention that we MG's were coming?

How It Grows said...

Coming where? Not sure I follow...

Janet said...

!! funny