Saturday, November 14, 2009

November week 2

The dreary fall weather continued most of this week. One of our nor'easters mixed with the remnants of Hurricane Ida to blow the leaves off the trees and foil my plan to get lots of fall color shots. It wasn't a total loss though. Here's what I found:

In Merchant's Square:
more ginkgo,
and our native yellow passionflower festooning a holly.
In CW:
oakleaf hydrangeas turning red,
swamp sunflower blooming it's heart out,
the unusual black fruits of bumelia,
a lovely camellia,
and colorful crapemyrtles just about everywhere.

In Walnut Hills, I stopped at an open house. It was a beautiful colonial cottage house on 1.1 acres. Can someone please lend me a couple hundred thousand dollars? I swear I'll pay you back eventually!

A couple of things I noticed in the yard:
ivy mixed with creeping fig. You don't see much of creeping fig around here, but I have seen it as far north as Richmond.
Some nice clumps of poet's laurel in fruit,
nandina, also in fruit,
a lovely Japanese maple,
and an unusual mushroom holly.Meanwhile, back at my house:
where did my patio go?
You can see the rest of my November week 2 photos here.

P.S. Thanks Cosmos for letting me use your office to post this. I hope my internet is back online soon!


Les said...

You are more than welcome to come gather as much native Passion Flower Vine as you can carry out of my yard.

compost in my shoe said...

We had a good rain and some wind but nothing like what you must have had. Best of luck with the clean up.......

tina said...

Awesome fall color photos regardless of the storm! That passion flower and J. maple must be my favorite shots. And hello to Cosmos!

Janet said...

I am just now seeing the first sunshine in many days?? Nice photos. Gingko are funny...their leaves turn yellow and within a week --boom, they are all on the ground.

Daniel Mount said...

There is something shocking about the first naked trees after all that color. Erotic and disappointing. By December I will be caught up in the tracery of it all. So glad to have found your blog today.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm.... that mushroom holly looks very familiar, Phillip. My mother, a noted gardener, was Mrs. Sissorhands and whipped that form up in an afternoon. You visited the cottage where my parents raised 7 children to adulthood. Smile.

How It Grows said...

7 kids! Wow! It sure is a beautiful house and garden. Small world!

How It Grows said...

Thanks for stopping by Daniel! I'm enjoying your blog as well!