Friday, October 16, 2009

October week 3

We had some dreary, cool weather this week, hence the underlit and slightly blurry photos (I'm hoping to get a new lens with a larger aperture - maybe that will help). The colder weather sparked me do some winter prep.

Time for the begonias to come in
to their crowded winter home.
and time to take these guys from my tillandsia trellis to their indoor terrariums.
Outside, monkshood are putting on a nice show.
but my annuals pots are awaiting a frosty death.
Out and about I found some interesting things. Blooming in the Adams garden:
fatshedra, the unlikely hybrid between fatsia and english ivy.
Ginger lily,
and loquat, smelling just like cinnamon toast.
In Colonial Williamsburg, I found some seeds:
Yellow Buckeye
and everyone's favorite, sweet gum.
Gomphrena still looked good.In the CW nursery:
and the flowers and developing fruit of strawberry tree.
In Walnut Hills I came across a beautiful display of pumpkins.
And out at freedom park I found our pesky but pretty native dog fennel,
as well as red chokeberry.
You can see more of my week 4 pictures here.


Janet said...

Great pictures as always. Isn't it a little early for the Monkshood?
I brought all my plants in on Friday-- some to the house and some to the garage.

how it grows said...

Thanks Janet - I'm not sure about the monkshood, I haven't noted the date before.

Les said...

I just realized that I had the wrong address in my subscription list for you. I have a lot of posts to catch up on. I just thought you were taking a blogging break.

how it grows said...

That happened to a couple of people - not sure why.