Sunday, August 8, 2010

July week 4

Once again, not much time this past week to get out and about so I'm digging into my week 4 archives:

First, two plants from Colonial Williamsburg that I never got around to identifying. Any ideas? This looks like some kind of pea/bean thingy (update: now identified as Alexandrian senna),
and this looks like it came from outer space (update: this turns out to be American spikenard).And now the rest:
hibiscus were still going strong,
as well as phlox,
and peegee hydrangea.
You might have noticed that devil's walking stick have started blooming. I think they're pretty cool looking.
You can see the rest of the photos here.


Les said...

I got to see several variegated Devil's Walking Sticks this past week. I do not recognize your mystery plants but it looks like the first one could be a Cassia relative.

compost in my shoe said...

Agree with Les, looks like a Senna or Cassia. Did you ever find out?

Janet said...

Morning Phillip, those are two very mysterious plants. I was going to say Cassia. I had one that appeared in my Seaford garden...uninvited. The bloom stock did not get that tall. The other one looks like a Phlomis on steriods. Hope you find out what it is.

How It Grows said...

I'm going to send the photos over to Wesley Green at CW to see if he can id them.

How It Grows said...

Alexandrian senna (Senna alexandrina) and American spikenard (Aralia racemosa)

Janet said...

Thanks Phillip, will check them out.

Janet said...

Will agree with the Senna, but the other one??? An Aralia? I keep going back to your photo. Not fully convinced.

How It Grows said...

I'll check up on it.