Saturday, May 22, 2010

May week 3

This week, there seemed to be a lot of yellow blooms, the most dramatic (in my opinion) being sundrops.
Other yellow (or yellowish) plants included prickly pear,
St. John's wort,
balsam ragwort,
yarrow,bush pea,
and feverfew.
Moving into the whites, which also made a big showing, I found penstemmon,
chameleon plant,
daisy fleabane,valerian,
southern magnolia,agarista,clary sage,
oakleaf hydrangea,
and lots of ligustrum.
Reds were represented by fragrant sumac, pinks and purples sweet William,Virginia rose,
allium,crown vetch,and just barely, puttyroot orchid.
A couple green plants I came across were cardoon,
variegated Salomon's seal,
and this very big clump of the native Solomon's seal.
You can see the rest of my May week 3 photos here.


Janet said...

Greetings, Houttuynia?? Is it in your garden? Love the fragrance of the Valerian. Are you sure it is a Yorktown Onion? Kind of early to bloom.
Is that Basswood Tilia americana or another Tilia?
Love my sundrops, have been thinking about digging a few up to take with me.

How It Grows said...

The houttuynia was growing wild on an empty building lot. I wouldn't want it in my yard. Don't know for sure about what variety the allium is, but it looked like the photos of the Yorktown onion that I found. Do you have another possibility? I'm assuming the basswood is T. Americana but don't quote me on it.

Janet said...

Glad to hear the Houttuynia isn't yours. What a menace.
I am not an expert on all the allium out there, know there are varieties that bloom various times of the year. The Yortktown Onion blooms in late June/early July.
I need to look at the LG Basswood Americana and see if it is blooming. Have missed it in the past.

Aerelonian said...

Thanks for all the pictures. I've noticed most of the wildflowers around Vancouver are white/yellow. In the city there are tonnes of Rhododendrons so it's all shades of white/purple/pink/red. Beautiful. I should do a post about them.