Thursday, June 10, 2010

June week 1

I always like the first week of June; it's the unofficial start of summer and it includes my birthday. If only I had the entire summer off like I did years ago and like all my professor friends still do...

I was surprised to discover this grass pink, a native orchid, had volunteered itself at the library native plant garden.
Other things around town:
a venus flytrap at my office,
white coneflower,yucca, which has been blooming for several weeks now,
a beautiful red lily,
and at my house a Shirofuji hydrangea.
I stopped by a nearby house for sale and found:
pickeral weed,
wild petunia,
and milkweed.
I made a return trip to my friends Susie and Jeff's house and their yard was full of interesting blooms including:
Mexican hat
beebalms with bees,
Schubert allium (well, past bloom in this case),
a neighbor's golden rain tree,
lizard's tail,
and hydrangeas.
Oh, and a white grass pink.
You can see the rest of my photos here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Philip, I hopped on over from Janet 'The Queen of Seaford's' blog. Nice to meet a fellow VA garden blogger. I live in Newport News. Love all the blooms, especially the Hydrangeas. Their my favorite shrub. :)

How It Grows said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Phillip said...

I have mixed feelings about the beginning of June. I usually associate it with the beginning of hot weather. :(

Happy birthday!

Lee said...

Gorgeous gorgeous hydrangeas!!

They are mostly open here in New England, there's a house down the road from me with some particularly beautiful white ones.