Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November week 3

We all cleaned up from last week's storm, and the warm weather returned. I'm still in denial about the upcoming winter. Here's some of what I came across:

In College Terrace:
white-berried nandina,
fallen camellia petals,
and impatiens still blooming like crazy.
I also found the last of fall's harvest:
cherry tomatoes,
colorful squash,
and green gourds.
And gourds weren't the only things drying out.
Around town:
clethra with yellow-edged leaves.
In my yard:
cranefly orchids are putting out their winter leaves.
I've heard of Christmas cactus before, but not Thanksgiving cactus. This was at the William & Mary greenhouse.
In CW:
flourescent fothergilla,
winter vegetables,
and pomegranate. I didn't realize it had such nice fall color.
golden colored amsonia,
a perfectly backlit Japanese maple,
and mistletoe that had been blown down by nor'Ida. Unfortunately I was by myself on this walk.
You can see the rest of my November week 4 photos here.


compost in my shoe said...

Like the flavor of fall in your pictures! Looks like those veggies need a little harvesting! Lucky you.

Phillip said...

Beautiful plants and photos. I didn't know that pomegranate had that kind of fall color. I have a small one but I haven't noticed the color lately.

Les said...

Yes, this was the fall I learned to like Pomegranate foliage and Aralia spinosa fruit and foliage.

How It Grows said...

Thanks for the comments!

Janet said...

Love the gloves on the fence. With the way the weather has been, wonder if they ever dried? Beautiful fall foliage colors. Is that Clethra a variegated foliage specimen or is it yellowing as the fall season progresses?

How It Grows said...

Janet, it's not variegated, that's just the way the fall color was developing.

Janet said...


Dawn said...

Mother nature was mean to those camillias! Beautiful photos.
I'm headed back to see about that orchid, thanks for the link!

Mark said...

My grandmother gave me both a Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus. Have had lots of luck with the Thanksgiving one. It's coincidentally blooming now as well.