Sunday, December 7, 2008


Here's something to get you in the holiday mood. Check out my photos of the Christmas wreaths in Colonial Williamsburg. I've got about 130 and still one more street to photograph! CW always does a great job on these. I love all the natural plant materials they use.

Here are a few of the plants I noticed being used in the wreaths:

Chinese Lantern - Physalis alkekengi. This two foot tall perennial develops beautiful orange fruit husks resembling paper lanterns.
Southern Magnolia - Magnolia grandifolia. The dramatic glossy green leaves add a sophisticated touch to holiday d├ęcor.
Indian Currant - Symphoricarpos orbiculatus. This shrub has clusters of purple berries along arching stems.
Lotus - Nelumbo spp. This beautiful water plant develops interesting seed heads.
Cockscomb - Celosia spp. These bright red, fuchsia and yellow annual flowers are great for drying.
Pomegranate - Punica granatum. The beautiful and edible red fruits are grown on large upright shrubs.
Winterberry - Ilex verticillata. This shrub’s bare branches are covered with red fruits in the fall.
Loblolly Pine - Pinus taeda. Pine cones make a nice accent to a holiday wreaths, and the long needles add a rustic touch.
Grape Vine - Vitus spp. This plant has provided the base for millions of holiday wreaths.
Chile Peppers - Capsicum spp. These annuals add festivity to your decorations.
American Bittersweet - Celastrus scandens. This vine with orange and yellow fruit adds lots of color, but avoid the non-native variety which is highly invasive.

You can see 2009's wreaths here.


Anonymous said...

Me too, I love everything about Williamsburg. We have Old Salem in our area. I need to get over there and take some pics. Oh my word...I just pulled up your album and was blown away. Awesome and just awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Phillip Merritt said...

I've never been to Salem. I'd love to go sometime.

Cosmo said...

P--You've been busy--and what cool wreaths. Some of them are almost scary . . .I'm pretty sure Anna (flowergardengirl) is from NC, but I've never been to Old Salem, either--maybe we should check it out.

tina said...

I like that one on the left. Kind of like a funky clock.

Phillip Merritt said...

Yeah, one that says "It's Christmas time!"