Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October week 1

Man, I hate chiggers! I'm not sure where I got them, but this is the second time I've had them this year. A friend suggested Clearasil acne cream and it seemed to work fairly well. But it has to be the kind with sulphur!

Anyway, natives first this time...I was strangely excited to see beechdrops for the first time. This is a parasitic flower that grows on beech tree roots. There huge patches at the William and Mary Wildflower Preserve (thanks for letting me know Louise).
The rest of these natives are at the Williamsburg Botanical Garden:
Lots of beautyberries,
an unexpected hibiscus flower (halberdleaf hibiscus),
and the interestingly shaped pods of seedbox.
There were several plants you can see growing all along our roadsides:
Groundsel tree, which forms big, soft mounds (male bushes have yellowish flowers, females have white),
blue mistflower,
and white asters.There were also many yellow natives at the garden:
Maryland Golden Aster,
Goldenrod (not sure which variety),
and an enormous patche of swamp sunflower.
Non-natives flowers at the garden included:
and salvia.
Finally, at my house:
Toad lilies growing in the cracks of bricks.
You can see the rest of my October week 1 photos here.

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Janet said...

So the Groundsel has two different colors of flowers. That is interesting.
Nice collection of blooms. Seems everyone has toadlily but me.