Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September week 1

A cool breeze came through town this week - finally! But I'm not ready to see leaves changing color quite yet. Here's a sampling of what you can see this week.

In Colonial Williamsburg:
A tuberose,
obedient plant,
fall color developing on a yellowwood,
dogwood berries beginning to color,
yellow buckeye seeds ripening,
blue mistflower,
beechnuts ripening,
and beauty berries developing color.
At the Adams garden:
ornamental peppers,
clary sage,
hardy begonia,
and anemones.
In downtown Williamsburg I found:
hollie berries still green
black-eyed Susan going to seed,
coleus and annuals at the Trellis restaurant,
and plenty of crapemyrtles still in bloom.
Click here to see all of my photos from this week.


Janet said...

Nice collection of blooms! My neighbor has a moonflower that I see in the morning when I walk the dogs. I need to go down the street in the evening to see it when they are open!
ps- potted up a few H. coccinea for you. let me know if you are still interested.

how it grows said...

Thanks Janet, I'm still interested in the hibiscus but I'm not sure sure when I'll be down your way. I'll try to remember to email you the next time I'm planning a trip. Do you ever come up to the burg?

Janet said...

i come up to the burg every so often. want to come up and photograph a tree off the parkway.

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi. I wandered into your blog from elsewhere (but I've lost track of where I was!). I'm very glad I ended up here, I've really enjoyed reading all your posts and looking at your photos.

I loved the High Rail Park in New York -we were in NY last February (2008) so didn't get to see it - ah well, I'll just have to go back!!!

Thanks for a lovely blog :)

how it grows said...

Thanks for visiting Nutty Gnome!