Monday, June 28, 2010

June week 2

I'm a couple weeks behind in my posting, so a lot of this stuff is old news. I think the hot weather is affecting my motivation. So belatedly, here's what I came across in the second week of June, all from Colonial Williamsburg.

Spotted horsemint,
flowering tobacco,Hostas,
rose of Sharon,
bottlebrush buckeye,
castor bean,
rose campion,
rosinweed (I think),
and this little flower I can't (or am to lazy to) identify.The rest of my photos are here.


danger garden said...

Wow how is it that out there in Virginia you are so far ahead of us here in Oregon? You must have really got the heat early, when all we were getting was rain rain rain.

Les said...

Your motivation may be flagging, but there seems to be no shortage of subject matter.

Phillip said...

I didn't know the castor bean had blooms like that. Great photos, as always.