Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February week 4

This week was pretty much a repeat of last week. I'm still sticking by my claim that spring has arrived, it's just moving at a glacial pace (unlike actual glaciers).

One of the holdovers from last week is crocus,
but this week the blues have been joined by the yellows.
And I swear I saw some daffodils in bloom last week...where did they go? These have yet to open.
Another holdover, witchhazel, seems like it's been blooming for ages.
In the Colonial Williamsburg nursery garden I found artichokes leafing out in a hothouse,
as well as thick-leaved spinach,
and smooth-seeded spinach.
You can see the rest of my week 4 photos here.


Janet said...

Spring?? Did you go outside today? More on its way tomorrow.
I love the crocuses.
Are you going to come to the Hort. Extravaganza? Native Plant Society is one of the exhibitors. I am working it.

Les said...

Still no blooming crocus or dafs in my yard, but we have Rijnveld's Early Sensation blooming at work. I will have to get some of these for my garden in the fall.

How It Grows said...

I guess I have a slightly different definition of spring than other people. I'm not planning to go to the hort. extravaganza...have fun!

Les, I'm surprised you haven't seen any crocuses yet.