Sunday, April 18, 2010

April week 2

Busy week—I didn't get out and about much. But there are several early spring bloomers just out side my door.

Natives growing in my yard include:
bleeding heart,
shooting star,
golden ragwort (growing in a pot by my pond),
rainbow leucothoe,
and sweetshrub.
Non-native Solomon's seal is also blooming.
At my friend's Kim and Loren's house:
snowball viburnum,
David viburnum,
Alabama snowwreath,
and spirea.
And here's a shot from this week last year:
The national champion flowering dogwood in the Wythe neighborhood of Hampton.
You can see the rest of the weeks photos here.


Janet said...

Great photos, did you stand on your head to get that Mayapple? I am amazed at the overlap of early mid and late bloomers all open at the same time this year.

Les said...

Yes, no shortage of photo material at the moment. I like the Alabama Snowwreath, I am not familiar with it.