Saturday, November 7, 2009

November week 1

I didn't get out much this past week but here are a few shots of some non-natives I came across at Sandy Bottom Park:

Some kind of salvia, I'm guessing,
and pomegranates.  I didn't realize they bloomed this late in the year. 
And here is one of the beautiful ginkgos in Merchant's Square.
To fill out the rest of the post, here are some November week one pictures from Westover Plantation in 2006:
Beautiful golden beech trees,
yuccas still in bloom,
and British soldiers growing on the roof of a small outbuilding.
Outside the plantation, soybeans ready for harvesting.
 You can see the rest of my November week 1 pictures here.


Janet said...

Great pictures! Love the yellow of the Gingko. I went up to Williamsburg on Saturday to see my 'parkway maple' and all the leaves were gone! :-( not happy. Do like the Beech...where are these? I see the wall.... near the Windmill?

how it grows said...

Thanks J! The last 4 pictures are from Westover Plantation.