Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Favorite Things - A Williamsburg Microgarden

What's behind this red gingham curtain? Another one of my favorite things. It's a small windowsill greenhouse built by my friends Ann and David, and a wintry day in February was the perfect time to visit. The contrast between the snow outside and the tender seedlings inside was especially vivid.
The southeast-facing greenhouse has been providing them with fresh greens for about four years now. With its convenient location, they can just reach in from their kitchen and grab a handful of fresh greens anytime the urge strikes. A few weeks ago they started their first crop: spinach,black seeded Simpson lettuce (below), and basil. They also use the greenhouse to overwinter potted herbs like rosemary
and oregano
To supplement the heat trapped inside, they keep the window cracked. When it's in the twenties during the day, it might be 45 degrees in the greenhouse. On the coldest nights, Ann brings the seedling tray inside.
The greenhouse started off covered with a plastic covering, but has now been upgraded to Plexiglas. It measures 25" x 67"—not very deep, but as David points out, it's just long enough for him to lay down in (though I'm not sure why he would want to).The thing I like most about this greenhouse is its d.i.y. aesthetic. Simple in design and cleverly located, it's the sort of thing anyone could and should put together!


nocarsgo said...

yeah mom and dad!!!

Janet said...

I like garden windows. Had one before our remodel, gave it away. It didn't have a place after the addition.
It is interesting that they need to keep the window cracked.
btw- Your map is really a nice tool. Did you build it from scratch? I know I commented about it already, but was looking at it again tonight and am very impressed.
super resource!!!!

How It Grows said...

Janet, I've been going through the big tree list using the gps coordinates they have listed to create a lot of the spots on the map. It's been really interesting finding out where the trees are. The rest of the spots are just places I know.

goodtogrow said...

What a great site! I just found it through you grow girl. I love your windowbox garden! And your photos.

How It Grows said...

Thanks for stopping by goodtogrow!

compost in my shoe said...

We had one of these windows when I was as a kid in northern Ohio. It kept us from feeling like spring would never come!