Saturday, April 3, 2010

March week 4

Leaves are finally starting to come out, which means I can start to do some road trips and garden sightseeing soon. Bare gardens aren't that much fun to look at. Here's what I came across around town this week:

In my garden:
Bleeding heart,
and lungwort.
In Colonial Williamsburg:
the first tulips of the season,
and an unfurling goldenrain tree leaf.
Cherries were everywhere this week, though I'm not that knowledgeable on varieties. So I can't tell you which one this is.
Natives perennials included spring beauty,
and Jacob's ladder.
Two yellow-blooming native shrubs I came across were spicebush
and fragrant sumac.
Native trees included sassafras,
redbud (not quite fully open),
and red buckeye.
And here's a yellowwood leaf unfurling along with a tiny flower bud.
You can see the rest of my week 4 photos here:


Les said...

Spring may have been late getting here, but I do believe it is making up for lost time. It will be interesting to see what this early heat will do to things.

compost in my shoe said...

Spring has just been condensed into one week! All kinds of things that would not flower together are doing it this year. You certainly have a bumper crop of things in bloom!