Thursday, October 14, 2010

August week 2

This post is several weeks late, so I don't remember much about the weather or anything else that happened during this week. I've been super busy with my DJ training at the William & Mary radio station. I'll just say that it was hot and that the drought continued and I'll have a 99% chance of being correct.

Liriope was blooming everywhere,and naked ladies suddenly jumped out from nowhere.
Crinum lilies were blooming
and I started to see end of the season seed pods like Chinese lantern
and goldenrain tree (which have started to turn brown).
Peegee hydranges continue their show
and sumac was out in force.
Two vines were running amok:
non-native autumn clematis,
and native milkweed.
Scarlet pentapetes was blooming in the CW nursery
and beautyberry was showy as well.
You can see the rest of my week 2 photos on flickr.


Les said...

I believe your reimagined forecast to be accurate.

Janet said...

DJ training? How fun...what kind of show will you do? Music? Talk?

Sure wish this drought would end...I can't believe how long we have gone without rain.

How It Grows said...

It will be music, with a different theme every week. Look up

Did you not get any rain when Nicole came through?

Janet said...

I will check it out. Thanks. We missed all of the Nicole rain and the other one that went up the coast as well. Getting kind of crunchy here.