Sunday, February 21, 2010

February week 3

I'm just going to go ahead and say it...Spring is here! Well, at least in tidewater Virginia. The evidence?

tinus viburnum (almost open),
early daffodils,
and paperbush.

Maybe the maples and elms (below) haven't quite opened their flowers, but they're close enough.
You can see the rest of my pictures from the first week of spring on Flickr.


Phillip said...

It is 66 at 1pm as I write this and I just came in, exhausted already, and contemplating putting my shorts on. This is our warmest weekend since Thanksgiving. We've obviously had a cold winter because I see no evidence of any blooms anywhere.

Les said...

I am amazed that you have blooms. Perhaps your more inland location has led to higher highs. Down here we are budded and waiting, but another day like today may be all it takes.

Janet said...

Sure wish my Edgeworthia was starting to open!! I did see one crocus up this afternoon.
The Yorktown library parking lot has a lot of Viburnum along the edge...full of buds ready to pop.

How It Grows said...

I cheated a bit on the edgworthia, I took the picture this time last year down at the Virginia Tech research station in Virginia Beach.

Benjamin Vogt said...

Oh my my my. It was -1 here last night. Banging my head against the wall, shivering beneath my blanket.