Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May week 4

It's beginning to look a bit summery with the first hints of crapemyrtle blooms popping up here and there. I was too busy to get out much this week but here's what I did see. By the way, I should have included lots of pics of hydrangea blooms, but I'm sure they'll still be around next week.

At my friends Kim and Loren's house:
oakleaf hydrangea
purple water iris,
and powdery thalia.
In Colonial Williamsburg:
the first whorled rosinweed bloom of the season,
tawny daylily,
Madonna lily,
and some tyical season plants, coleus and impatiens.
At the Williamsburg Library native plant garden:
white baptisia,
butterfly weed,
purple coneflower,
swamp milkweed,
Things I saw while out and about:
dogwood (Cornus amomum perhaps?)
white milkweed,
and pink waterlily.
You can see the rest of my week's photos here.


danger garden said...

Wait just a second! What is that in the picture of the elderberry? A red/orange pitcher? Could it be a rain-gutter downspout? Please tell!!!

Phillip said...

All great photos. The white milkweed is stunning.

How It Grows said...

DG, it's ye olde birdhouse, and they're all over the place in Colonial Williamsburg. There should be a stick in the 'spout' to provide a landing place.

Thanks Phillip, I've learned a couple new milkweeds this year and am looking forward to growing them from seed. The white one is Asclepias variegata; I also want to try A. humistrata and A. amplexicaulis.

compost in my shoe said...

You have quite a selection to call summer! Can you believe it has arrived.

gcvhorticulture said...

It's incredible that you are a mere 40 minute drive away and at least a week ahead of Gloucester in blooms. Photos are super.