Sunday, December 6, 2009

CW Wreaths 2009

As usual, Colonial Williamsburg did a great job this year on their holiday decorations, all made from natural plant materials. I got about 180 pictures of wreaths, swags, and other decorations and boy are my legs sore. It's amazing how many of these decorations are tucked away in spots most people don't even see like the holiday crab bucket behind the George Davenport house (I think that's where it was).

Here are some additional plant (and other) materials I spotted this year:apples
playing cards
oyster shells
globe thistle
Chinese lantern
coffee mug

One of my favorite buildings to see decorations is a little house behind the shoemaker's shop, not far from Market Square. For the past several years it's featured decorations made with baked goods. This year was a cat and mouse theme.
Last year was a fish theme,
and 2006 was sheep. If you visit, you should definitely look for this house!


Janet said...

What a collection of wreaths!! wow. I like the cat and mouse one too. There was also one on the slideshow that was magnolia leaves, lotus pods and thistle (or soemthing similar) that I really liked.
So you started this crazy blogging the same time I did? :-)

native plant girl said...

excellent pics. I honestly do have a soft spot for ephemeral decorative squirrel food – surprised these wreaths weren’t already gnawed on while you were still photographing them. and no, I’m not even going to get wound up about the invasive species seeds on them. ;) awesome set. any magazine wouldn't even come close. thank you!!!!

How It Grows said...

Thanks for the comments!

Janet, there must have been a blogging virus going around last December...

Native Plant Girl, I'm glad you're not worked up about the non-natives, Christmas is already stressful enough!

Jennifer G. Horn said...

Fantastic! I looked at the entire photostream. Such great ideas for decor. Beautiful shots, too.

How It Grows said...

Thanks Jennifer!