Sunday, January 3, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

So I was tagged by Susan Cohan for the Honest Scrap Award and now I'm finally getting around to my fulfilling my obligation. The first part is to come up with 10 interesting facts about myself, and the second part is to tag 7 other people with the award. Since only 7 people read my blog, if you happen to be reading this post, consider yourself tagged.

Here's my list (not terribly interesting, but the best I could come up with):

1. I'm not a very talkative person.
2. My life can be divided into thirds: Iowa, then Texas, now Virginia.
3. My undergraduate degree is in Painting and Drawing, though I rarely do much of either.
4. I am an excruciatingly slow writer. I wish I could write as easily as I can draw.
5. I usually regret leaving a comment on a blog right after I hit the post button. Either because it's too banal, too snarky, or my point is unclear.
6. I love contemporary design, but since I'm in Williamsburg I have to know how to do traditional as well.
7. I live in Williamsburg because my partner teaches at William & Mary.
8. I don't think I would ever want to live north of Virginia, though I like to visit there as often as I can.
9. I don't drink coffee, tea or alcohol and I don't smoke cigarettes, pot, or crack.
10. I love all kinds of popular music. My favorite records of the 00's are:
Is This It - The Strokes
I Am Shelby Lynn - Shelby Lynn
Dear Catastrophe Waitress - Belle and Sebastian
Chutes Too Narrow - The Shins
All About Chemistry - Semisonic
Tropical Brainstorm - Kristy MacColl
Poses - Rufus Wainwright
Get Away From Me - Nellie McKay
D-d-don't Don't Stop The Beat - Junior Senior
Discovery - Daft Punk
Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters


Susan aka Miss. R said...

As the tagger I have to say that I find your reveals really interesting. I'm only familiar with 3 of the 7 records so you've given me something to explore! I also live in the land of traditional gardens and love contemporary ideas...just don't get to use them much! Thanks for playing along.

Janet said...

Good morning to you. Interesting list. I like a few of your music list....mine is more of the obscure (definition #3) --when I read music lists online I marvel that none of what I listen to is on the list.
I could have told you that you weren't a talkative your comments. (but don't ever regret leaving a comment..I enjoy hearing from you!)
Fun to read your list.

Anonymous said...

Aha! Painting and Drawing degree? Now it all fits. I see the artist in all you post on your blog and the camera is your new paint brush.

JennyP said...

I just saw that you were nominated for this as well! 3 of your top 90's albums are favorites of mine, too--Tropical Brainstorm, Poses & I am Shelby Lynn.